Healthy children of a happy community
We understand a happy community as the harmonious community in which every of its member is economically prosperous, full of ownership and consists of mentally creative, healthy, intelligent, and physically fit children.


Making partnership and developing coordination for children focused value based sustainable development through awareness raising and economic development on co-learning basis.


To set up self-reliant and equitable society.

- To make coordination & partnership with stakeholders at all level for proper utilization of local resources for the child focus development.
- To empower and increase the awareness level and capability of the disadvantaged and marginalized people especially women and children of the rural community.
- To uplift the economic level of pro-poor people through relevant enterprises with skill and technology dissemination by exploring the indigenous knowledge overtime.
- To extend and develop the market mechanism to encourage local production and its distribution.
- To design and implement the development projects by addressing the development goal adopted by the state.