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Market Access for Smallholder Farmer (MASF)

MASF is the IDE Nepal and UKaid funded project which was implemented in seven VDCs (Jamune, Ghasikuwa, Aabukhaireni, Bhimad, Dhorphedri, Dulaigauda and Chheng) of Tanahu district from September 2012 to March 2012. This project is launched with the aim to support the rural poor farmers to increase the agricultural production through technology and skill transformation mainly focusing on irrigation and to make linkage with the market for the better price of their production in order to uplift their living standard. During the project period, 779 members of 26 women groups that include 98 dalits, 329 janajatis, 200 Brahmin/Chhetri and 152 other members were benefitted by the project.