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Warm welcome to frigidity
Warm welcome to frigidity
...An effort to help earthquake affected children


The devasting earthquake of 25th April, 2015 in Nepal had affected millions of households with no mercy. Out of 14 most affected districts, Gorkha, one of the severely victimized districts, was the epicenter of the earthquake. One of the northern VDCs of Gorkha, Barpak, was the epicenter of the earthquake, which dilapidated several houses, properties and people including children. Besides Barpak, its neighboring VDCs, Simjung, Ghyachok, Hansapur, Kharibot, etc. were too destroyed but relatively less support program were focused on these later mentioned VDCs compared to other VDCs. CHESS Nepal Gorkha, an organization serving for child and social welfare, in coordination with ICFON, Netherlands organized a support program for the earthquake affected children of above mentioned VDCs. The program was aimed to hand out warm clothes for the earthquake affected children suffered from blizzard. 

The program held on January 24, 2016 in Sirandada village of Simjung VDC ward no. 6, facilitated by Assistant Agriculture officer of CHESS Nepal, Mr. Binod Chiluwal and was conducted in presence of Central vice chairperson of CHESS Nepal, Mrs. Gita Thapa Magar, representative of CHESS Gorkha, Mr. Bikash Bhatta, provided 285 sets of warm clothes including trousers, jacket and woolen cap to children from Simjung-6, Ghyachowk-4, Kharibot-6, Hansapur-2.
Heretofore, ICFON had supported CHESS Nepal to distribute food and temporary shelter for rescue of the victims of the earthquake at the same VDCs where our organization had also provided fiber blankets before few days in coordination with District Child Welfare Board, Gorkha and District Child Welfare Board, Kaski and in financial support of Himali Child Welfare Protection Forum and Child Welfare Education, Pokhara.  
With the active participation of the founder of CHESS Nepal, the organization fighting for the welfare of children, Mr. Raj Kumar Pandey, the program got succeed where all children including their parents were blissful regarding the program. The program conducted in the chairmanship of Mr. Bil Bahadur Tamang, ward coordinator of Simjung Ward no. 6, preceded with the precious words of Mr. Bikash Bhatta and Mrs. Gita Thapa Magar. In a nutshell, the chairman of the program concluded the program thanking for every moments of that day and also he acknowledged CHESS Nepal Gorkha and ICFON, Netherlands with the expectation to get support in upcoming days.