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Handicraft material making training

With the financial support of CARITAS Nepal, CHESS Nepal organized 3 days Handicraft material making training coordinating with Northern Lamjung Tourism Development Committee in two different areas. The training was organized in Ghermu VDC from 27-29 Mangsir 2069 and from 30 Mangsir- 2 Poush it  was organized in Bhulbhule VDC.  This training was organized to transfer the manufacturing skill of handicrafts materials which are purely made from wastage materials like plastics and tins.  This is not just a good way to come up with unique items but also a great way to help the environment clean. Managing and re-using such kinds of wastage materials can minimize waste production and more importantly, it is an excellent way to promote Earth-friendly measures to save our Universe and also reduce their difficulties and hassles of marketing. We believe that this kinds of training support to uplift the lives of rural and marginal people by selling such manufactured good and attractive handicrafts materials. So this training was especially organized to teach the rural people to manufacture innovative designs of products which can be made out from waste material like tin etc and this waste materials are easily available everywhere. Manufacturing these handicraft materials also shows their creativity and makes their business economically sustainable and profitable.  Through these two different trainings more than 70 rural community people were skilled to manufacture attractive handicraft materials.