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Community School Improvement Project

Community School Improvement Project is a learning by action based research piloting project to literate and empower the community women both socially and economically so as to improve the community school through their leadership and is implemented in different community schools in Lamjung district.

This is the another project implemented by CHESS Nepal with the financial support of Domino France from January 2012 to December 2013 in three different community schools of Lamjung namely Shree Jana Jagriti Lower Secondary School of Chiti VDC, Shree Kalika Primary School of Banjhakhet and respectively Shree Bal Bikash Primary School of Khudi VDC of Lamjung district with the main objectives to provide an acceptable education to the students of these areas through adults' literacy classes and different income generating activities to socially and economically empower the community people specially mothers to make them capable to assist in making school improvement plan, to implement such plans and also to monitor and supervise the community school of their locality. 10 different women groups are formed where 62 dalits, 132 ethnics & 58 Brahmin & Chhetris are affiliated in the project. Similarly 136 male students, 172 female students, 13 male teachers and 6 female teachers are also involved in this project with the total beneficiaries of 571 members. The project mainly support to conduct literacy classes in the villages according to the need basis and motivate them to participate in income generating activities and finally reinforce those members in the school management process and as a result all the parents will send their children in school, regularly support the school by providing cash, regular monitor and support the School Management Committee (SMC) to manage the subsidies/grant of the school. Likewise various trainings will be organized for teachers and the members of school improvement committees for their capacity development.

•    This project fits into the scheme of the SSRP and is a response how to implement changes at the community level so that it allows the community public school to work properly and play its normal role of providing an acceptable education level to its pupils.

Intervention & activities of the project
Program preparation
Select ion of villages
•    Households survey
•    Literacy group format ion

Adult course
•    Literacy & numeracy course
•    Income generating program preparation

Income generating program
•    Technical t raining
•    Organization of each program
•    The credit submission
•    Launch of activities
•    Follow-up
•    Cash management

The school improvement program
School visioning workshop
•    School Improvement Committee formation
•    Teachers Committee Formation
•    Parents Committee Formation
•    Support for SMC Formation

Coverage Area

VDC Ward No Village/Tole
1 Chiti 6 Barbot Besi
2 Banjhakhet 9 Pasachaur
3 Khudi 3 Dhagai

Benificiary details
Women group detaisl with caste breakdown:

S.N. Name of women groups Address Women members with caste breakdown
Dalits Janajatis B/C Others Total
1 Ujjwal Bhavisya women group Banjhakhet-9 9 11 9  -  29
2 Sitamai women group 'A' Banjhakhet-9  3 14 7  -  24
3 Sitamai women group 'B' Banjhakhet-9  6  9  7  -  22
4 Himchuli women group Khudi-3  4  21  -  -  25
5 Laliguran women group Khudi-3   1  24  -  -  25
6 Sayapatri women group Khudi-3  2  23  -  -  25
7 Jana Jagriti school improvement project women group 'A' Chiti-6 (Barbot Besi)  7  12 7  -  26
8 Jana Jagriti school improvement project women group 'B' Chiti-6 (Budikuwa)  20  3  6  -  29
9 Jana Jagriti school improvement project women group 'c' Chiti-6 (Budikuwa) 6 9  16  -  31
10 Shanti women group Chiti-6 (Kusunde)  4  6  6  -  16
   Total  62  132  58  -  252

Expected outcomes
•    Women will be educationally, socially and economically empowered.
•    Increase in the numbers of women members in School Management Committee.
•    Students will be taught by the trained teachers
•    Through the empowered women the community schools will be monitored & supervised.