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Animation for Socio-Economic Development Project

Project Introduction
Animation for Socio-Economic Development Project is the project which is implemented in Ward No. 1-7 of Darbung VDC of Gorkha district with the financial support of Cartitas Nepal from September 2011 to March 2014. The project has is launched in the area as the people inhabitant are from  marginalized community especially janajatis and dalits who are socially and economically back warded and the main occupation of the people is agriculture and livestock and also the area is potential for agro-production. None of the organization has worked in the area before and the people in the area highly demanded to launch the project. The project aims to empower the back warded and marginalized people socially especially women through social mobilization and animation and uplift them economically by providing skills, knowledge, technical trainings on agro-intervention, seed money and other physical resource support for self as well as community development by promoting agro-intervention. This project also promotes humanity and harmony among family and community members. After the implementation of this project, a total of 316 members that includes 54 dalit, 152 janajati (marginalized groups) and 2 Brahmin/Chhetri of 9 women groups & 16 dalit & 92 Janajati of 4 child groups were benefitted.

•    Establishment of the strong independent and Socio-Economically stable society through Integrated Community Development Program undertaken with the process of Animation.

•    To organize, aware and empower the poor, backward, marginalized and disadvantage women and children through animation,   social awareness, right based training and activities to promote social harmony community.
•    To uplift the economic status and establish the economic sustainable community through vegetable farming, technical trainings of animal management and vegetable farming, technical support and provide the micro credit fund.
•    To improve the sanitation, health and nutrition status of the people through health and sanitation trainings, material support for health, sanitation and environment conservation.
•    To establish a community institution as agriculture cooperative by making the share holders from the group members who will perform different activities regarding social welfare, financial activities, etc that would be helpful for the sustainability of the groups even after the project.

Intervention of the project
•    Various trainings and interaction programs related with social mobilization
•    Various activities related with women and child rights
•     Awareness raising activities to aware children and women about health & sanitation
•    Technical trainings and services provided for agricultural and livestock production to uplift the economic status
•    Revolving fund support to purchase vegetable seed
•    Various activities conduction to develop children capability

Coverage Area

District VDC
Gorkha Darbung

Benificiary details
Women group details with caste breakdown:

S.N. Name of women group Address Women members with caste breakdown
Dalits Janajati B/C Others Total
1 Ekata women group Darbung-1, Ranishwara 8 12 - - 20
2 Parkuna women group Darbung-2, Gairi Gaun 4 19 - - 23
3 Kalika women group Darbung-3, Chhapthok 7 13 - - 20
4 Dumridanda women group Darbung-4, Danda Gaun  10 10 - -  20
5 Bandevi women group Darbung-5, Bimire  9  14  -  -  23
6 Sayapatri women group Darbung-6, Alainche  2  19  2  -  23
7 Srijana women group    Darbung-7, Saimure  10  22  -  -  32
8 Jaleshwor women group Darbung-7, Raithok  4  26  -  -  30
9 Laligurans women group Darbung-7, Rana Gaun  -  17  -  -  27
   Total  54  152  2  -  208



Children group details with caste breakdown:

S.N Name of children groups
Address Members with caste breakdown
Dalits Janajati B/C Others Total
1 Sagarmatha Child Group Darbung-7, Raithok & Saimure  1 3 11 11  -  -  -  -  12 14 26
2 Suryamukhi Child Group Darbung-7, Rana Gaun & Saimur  - - 9 15 - - - - 9 15 26
3  Saraswati Child Group Darbung-1,2,3 (Thulo Darbung)  - 3 15 11 - - - - 15 14 29
4  Manakamana Child Group Darbung-4,5,6 (Thulo Darbung)  5  4  2 18 - - - -  7 22 29
Total  6 10  37  55 -   -  -  -  43  65  108



Budget Summary
Total allocated budget for the project  
871,920 for Sept 011 to June 2012

Budget details

Training Budget Budget for Physical Support Technical Support Management
340,320 274,000 13,000 244,600

Expected results
• Increase in the access of members from different women groups in local and district level after their leadership development and as a result they will be capable to conduct various inclusion ship and accountability activities by coordinating with various stakeholders in VDC and district.
•  People will keep their surroundings clean and will be conscious about environment conservation
•  All the members will properly manage their goat farming occupation and will control the internal and external parasites of their goats in every 6 days time interval
•    All the members will be producing vegetable in their kitchen garden for their daily consumption
•    Minimum 5% of the total beneficiary will be involved in goat raising and vegetable farming occupation.
•   Two numbers of agriculture cooperatives will be established in the area and will continuously provide knowledge, skill and funds for agriculture entrepreneurs and support in marketing of agriculture and livestock products in the area.